Cooperation Agreement
The partner, by clicking on the appropriate button on the site, concludes the agreement with Tax Sketches Ltd.,
further—Operator, on the following terms:
General terms
10% Tax Sketches commission
of the cost of services provided by the partner to the user.
90% partner remuneration
of the amount received by the partner from the user for operator's services to the user.
3 working days for transferring remuneration
Operator shall transfer remuneration within 3 working days after receiving by operator 1000 USD in total from the user. This rule applies to all remuneration payments.

Token withdrawal becomes available when the aggregate amount of payment from users who received paid partner services reaches 20 000 USD.

The amount of such payment is specified in the partner's personal account.

2 000 TSKE to the partner
TSKE - this is a nominal value that the operator accrues to the partner for performing certain actions on the platform. 1 TSKE = 1 USDT

Operator accrues to the partner:
    3 working days for transferring remuneration
    Operator shall transfer remuneration within 3 working days after receiving by operator 1000 USD in total from the user. This rule applies to all remuneration payments.

    Token withdrawal becomes available when the aggregate amount of payment from users who received paid partner services reaches 20 000 USD.

    The amount of such payment is specified in the partner's personal account.

    2 000 TSKE to the partner
    TSKE - this is a nominal value that the operator accrues to the partner for performing certain actions on the platform. 1 TSKE = 1 USDT

    Operator accrues to the partner:
      1. Goals of the agreement
      1. 1. 1.
      technologies for the search and exchange of thematic information on the Internet;
      1. 1. 2.
      possibilities of convenient and quick access of users to information related to modelling and monitoring of hierarchical and linear business structures, as well as for decision-making on complex impact analysis.
      1. 2. 1.
      facilitate the development of technologies for Internet users' access to subject information through rapid change tracking, database entry, and automated classification;
      1. 2. 2.
      improve the automated software search, processing, accounting, and storage of information on the Internet, the use of which contributes to meeting the needs of users in the rapid receipt of subject information, as well as ensure the completeness, consistency and relevance of search results automatically created by search engines at the request of users.
      1. 2.
      In order to meet the interests and objectives of each party to this Agreement, the operator, by providing the services of the platform, undertakes to promote cooperation and increase interaction with the partner, which will:
      1. 1.
      Objectives of cooperation of the parties under the Agreement are to develop:
      2. Subject of the agreement

      Registration on the platform

      2. 1. 1.
      register as a partner on the company's page —;
      2. 1. 2.
      provide the required information within no more than 2 weeks from the date of registration as a partner.
      2. 2.
      In case of a positive decision, the operator creates an account in the board for the partner.
      2. 1. 3.
      update required amount of information not less than 4 times a calendar year;
      2. 1. 4.
      check the relevance of the data placed on the company's website at least 2 times a month.
      Providing information by the partner
      2. 3.
      The partner assumes the obligation to provide the company with information on tax and related legislation regarding the jurisdiction in which the partner consults.
      2. 4.
      If the partner fails to fulfil obligations to provide the required legal information necessary for the qualitative and uninterrupted functioning of the platform, the partner's access to the platform may be terminated at the company's discretion. In this case, the company assumes an obligation to notify the partner about the termination of the Agreement and termination of access to the platform.
      2. 5.
      The volume of information shall not be less than the volume of information, which is defined in the Contributor holding form - the form which the partner has filled in when registering on the company's website - or the volume of information provided on the contributor information section of the partner's personal account.
      Some conditions of work on the platform
      2. 6.
      The partner receives free access to his account, subject to the provision of the appropriate amount of information with the established periodicity. If the partner uses the Tax Sketches platform as an ordinary user, the partner shall receive access to the tools and data of the platform only insofar as he or she has "populated" the system with relevant information.
      2. 7.
      Partner has no right to conduct any consulting activity with the platform user outside the platform service.
      2. 8.
      The company assumes the obligation to add the partner's data to Tax Sketches and information about the nature and amount of remuneration received by the partner from users of the platform due to interaction with the platform.
      2. 9.
      Tax Sketches shall ensure prompt indexing of exported data and partner's access to data under the terms and restrictions provided for in this Agreement. The terms of access and restrictions on such access for users of the platform are not the subject of this Agreement.
      2. 10.
      The partner guarantees that he acknowledges that the preliminary conclusion received by the user as a result of his application to the Tax Sketches platform does not constitute a legal conclusion as applied to such notion by established legal and judicial practice.
      2. 1.
      Partner must:
      2. 11.
      Operator guarantees that will not use the data exported by the partner in any ways, except for those specified hereby, without the prior consent of the partner. At the same time, the partner has the right to use his account in full for personal purposes, as well as to use access to the platform as an ordinary user, but only to the extent of the information and data provided by himself.
      3. Financial terms
      3. 2.
      Users pay for partner consultations through the operator's payment system.
      3. 3. 1.
      is obliged to transfer to the partner his part of the remuneration within 3 working days. This rule applies to all remuneration payments;
      3. 3. 2.
      withholds operator commission.
      3. 3.
      After receiving 1000 USD in total from the user for the partner's services, the operator:
      3. 4.
      The remuneration is paid to the partner in a non-cash way in USD to the bank details specified in this agreement.
      3. 5.
      The day of payment of the remuneration is the day the money is credited to the correspondent account of the partner's bank.
      3. 1.
      For consultations of platform users, the partner is entitled to remuneration, and the operator is commissioned.
      4. General conditions of cooperation
      4. 2.
      This Agreement does not imply any financial relations or settlements between the Parties arising out of or in connection with the execution of the arrangements made herein.
      4. 3.
      At the same time, the partner undertakes to provide additional consulting services to users and make settlements with these users through the platform's payment service.
      4. 4.
      The sum and conditions of the settlement are agreed between the partner and users independently of the operator. Such settlements occurring through the platform are subject to the deductions of the commission taken by Tax Sketches, in accordance with the percentage set out in the Agreement.
      4. 5.
      Operator has the right to refuse to enter into an agreement with any person claiming to be a partner without giving a reason.
      4. 1.
      The Parties hereunder shall act independently, each on its own behalf and at its own expense.
      4. 6.
      The obligations hereunder are to be fulfilled by the parties willingly and in their own favor.
      4. 7.
      This Agreement neither assumes performance by the parties of any additional liabilities, except for those expressly stipulated hereby, nor is connected directly or indirectly with any other treaty obligations, including with transfer of goods, provision of rights, the performance of work or rendering services.
      5. Data indexing and User access to the data
      5. 1. 1.
      display of the data on operator resources;
      5. 1. 2.
      Data distribution via mailings to users by subscription, and technical reproduction of the information (including by means of widgets, rss-feeds, client programs and other similar methods);
      5. 2.
      Upon termination of this Agreement with a partner and failure to enter into a new Agreement within 3 months, all the contact information and CV, is subject to removal from the company Tax Sketches website.
      5. 1.
      The partner gives the operator permission to use the data provided by the partner by reproducing, processing, distributing and communicating it to the public, both independently and together with any other data and materials, using any of the following methods in a format and under conditions determined and changed by the operator at its own discretion:
      5. 1. 3.
      provision of the opportunity to create, save and place links to the data, and also a provision of the tools of access to the data for using thereof on the websites and in the programs of the third parties.
      5. 3.
      Use of the data according to Clause 5.1 hereof will be accompanied by the link to the partner's site. The format and procedure of such link placement is determined by operator.
      5. 4.
      Operator is entitled to suspend or terminate the data Indexing in whole or in part at any time without prior notice.
      5. 5.
      Partner is entitled to provide the data to the operator and allow using thereof by the operator in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, and that such data using by the operator hereunder and according to the objectives and conditions hereof:
      5. 5. 1.
      does not break and involve violation of the current legislation, as well as any rights and interests of the third parties, and
      5. 5. 2.
      will not create any liabilities for the operator on payment of remuneration to the third parties, and
      5. 5. 3.
      that it also undertakes to settle by its own efforts and at its own expense all the data concerning disputes and claims of the third parties both against the partner, and operator in connection with the data using by the operator under the Agreement.
      6. The right of the operator to post data
      6. 2.
      Thus, the platform at its own discretion has the right to place the partner's Logo, a reference to the fact that the information was previously provided by any of the partners, and so on.
      6. 1.
      The platform in accordance with the terms of this Agreement reserves the right to information. This means that the platform has the right at its own discretion to dispose of the information received from the partner for an unlimited period of time, including after the termination of the Agreement.
      6. 3.
      Operator does not guarantee the data will be:
      6. 3. 1.
      indexed and placed by operator in any particular amount and on any particular operator services;
      6. 3. 2.
      stored in the operator's databases in full, thus, the operator reserves the unconditional right to remove the data (any part of the data) from the operator's database at any time.
      7. Term and applicable law
      7. 1.
      This Agreement shall be executed and enter into force, and it means that the partner agrees to the terms of the Agreement in full when the following conditions are cumulatively met:
      7. 2.
      The partner undertakes to specify true information in the partner's profile.
      7. 1. 1.
      The partner registered with Tax Sketches and provided professional information about his qualifications, sent the company the data of the jurisdiction(s) in which he works;
      7. 1. 2.
      Operator performed the data Indexing.
      7. 3.
      In case the operator becomes aware that the partner has indicated unreliable information about himself/herself, the company has the right to choose:
      7. 3. 1.
      suspend indexing of the data until notice is received, or accurate information is provided, and/or
      7. 3. 2.
      terminate the Agreement unilaterally, notifying the partner thereof.
      7. 4.
      Duration of the Agreement is not limited and cannot be less than one calendar year, except for the cases of its termination in case of breach by the partner of his obligations.
      7. 5.
      Disputes relating to this Agreement shall apply to resolve by UK law and UK courts.
      8. Agreement modification and termination
      8. 1.
      Operator is entitled to unilaterally change the conditions of this Agreement. The current version of the Agreement shall be available at
      8. 2.
      The Agreement may be terminated:
      8. 2. 1.
      at any time upon mutual agreement of the parties;
      8. 2. 2.
      by either party unilaterally subject to 5-day notification of the other party prior to the termination date. In this case, notifications can only be sent by e-mail to the company address specified in this Agreement;
      8. 2. 3.
      by either party in case of violation by the other party of the conditions hereof without prior notice.
      9. Confidentiality clauses
      9. 1.
      Confidential Information - any and all proprietary information and data furnished at any time before or after execution of this Agreement by the company to the partner, and whether in oral, personal or business, written, graphic, machine-readable or other tangible or intangible form and whether or not protected by patents or trade secret protection laws, including without limitation:
      • documents business or personal related;
      • personally identifiable information;
      • algorithms;
      • designs;
      • technical and other data;
      • prototypes;
      • drawings;
      • manufacturing processes and specifications;
      • financial information (including, without limitation, details of a business model, plans on raising capital, etc.);
      • customer list;
      • product descriptions and manuals;
      • source codes;
      • flow-charts;
      • software;
      • models;
      • know-how;
      • business, financial and marketing data, plans, analyses, studies, developments, compilations and forecasts;
      • any other information, which is defined as confidential by the company for which confidential character may be reasonably construed from its nature and circumstances of disclosure.
      9. 2.
      For the purposes hereof, in case of confidential information relating to devices, such device or any part thereof or their realistic or schematic image shall be regarded as a copy (media) of confidential Information; in case of confidential information relating to software, any copy of such software or its part (as source code or as compiled) shall be regarded as a copy of the confidential information.
      9. 3.
      The parties undertake not to disclose or divulge the confidential information during the term of this Agreement and keep the received information confidential. The party receiving confidential information undertakes to use confidential information only for Permitted Use and protect confidential information with the same measure of care and diligence as its own confidential information.
      9. 5. 1.
      Actions or omission of action, resulting in possible third-party access to the confidential information.
      9. 4.
      Confidential Information, if disclosed to partner in tangible form, shall not necessarily be marked "Confidential", "Confidential Information", or "For internal use only" – information received by the partner from the company is considered as such as of the time of disclosure.
      9. 5.
      The disclosure of confidential information includes, among other cases:
      9. 5. 2.
      Failure to preclude a third party's efforts to obtain confidential information from the sources controlled by the party receiving confidential information.
      9. 5. 3.
      Use of confidential information in the receiving party's own interest or to the prejudice of interests of the disclosing party or its Affiliate.
      9. 5. 4.
      Delivery of confidential Information to a third party or use of confidential Information when performing works (services) for third parties.
      9. 6.
      The party receiving confidential information shall not be liable for disclosure of the Information in accordance with the lawful demand of a governmental body or court or prescribed by law.
      9. 7.
      The receiving party provides to the disclosure party written notice of the required disclosure promptly upon receipt of notice of the required disclosure.
      9. 8.
      The disclosing party has an opportunity to review and comment on the proposed disclosure and if it wishes to do so (at its own cost), seek to defend, limit or protect against such disclosure, and the receiving party will disclose only that portion of the Information which is required to be disclosed.
      9. 9.
      Nothing in those above-mentioned clauses will in any way prevent or unreasonably delay the obligation of the receiving party to comply with the said disclosure requirements.
      9. 10.
      The undersigned receiving party may disclose confidential information only to receiving party's employees and consultants on a need-to-know basis. The undersigned receiving party will have executed or shall execute appropriate written agreements with its employees and such consultants sufficient to enable it to comply with all the provisions of this agreement, and shall be responsible for any breach of the confidentiality restrictions herein by such employees and consultants.
      9. 11.
      Receiving party shall notify the undersigned disclosing party immediately upon discovery of any unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information or any other breach of this Agreement by receiving party and its employees and consultants, and will cooperate with disclosing party in every reasonable way to help to disclose party regain possession of the confidential information and prevent its further unauthorized use or disclosure.
      9. 12.
      For each case of disclosure of confidential information arising out of the receiving party's action (omission to act) the receiving party undertakes to reimburse the disclosing party for damages (including actual loss and lost profits).
      9. 13.
      The disclosing party is entitled to demand at any time to return or destroy all originals, copies, reproductions and summaries of confidential information all other tangible materials and devices provided to the receiving party as confidential Information and the receiving party shall immediately satisfy such demand.
      9. 14.
      All confidential information is and shall remain the property of disclosing party. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting or implying any transfer of rights or license or patent or other intellectual property rights protecting or relating to the confidential information of the disclosing party to the receiving party. Disclosing party reserves without prejudice the ability to protect its rights under any such patents, copyrights, trademarks, or trade secrets except as otherwise provided herein.
      10. Miscellaneous
      10. 1.
      Communication of the parties during the performance of the Agreement is to be implemented via the following proper means and methods of exchange of information and documents (notifications, letters, claims) recognized by the parties:
      10. 1. 1.
      10. 1. 2.
      other ways specified hereby or approved by the parties in the regular course of business.
      10. 4.
      Invalidity and/or failure to perform for any reason of any of the Agreement provisions shall not affect the validity and/or performance of other provisions hereof.
      10. 5.
      All disputes and disagreements arising in connection with the performance of the Agreement shall be settled by the parties in good faith.
      10. 2.
      The partner independently bears responsibility for abidance by the requirements of the applicable legislation when performing the Agreement regarding the data, including but not limited to, abidance by the requirements of the legislation regarding personal data, intellectual property, by virtue whereof it undertakes guarantees and liabilities according to this Agreement.
      10. 3.
      In no event shall the operator bear responsibility hereunder for:
      10. 3. 1.
      any act/failure to act being a direct or indirect result of acts/failure to act of any third parties;
      10. 3. 2.
      any losses of the partner and/or the third parties irrespective of whether the operator could expect the possibility of such losses;
      10. 3. 3.
      use/failure to use by the partner, user and/or third parties of Services, the data, any means and/or methods of communication/receipt of information;
      10. 3. 4.
      obtaining, by users or the partner, as a result of tax modelling, incorrect Memos and Alerts of adverse consequences based on unreliable and/or irrelevant data in the field of tax, corporate and other legislation.
      11. Terms and Definitions

      Terms not defined in this Agreement may be used and shall be interpreted in accordance with the context of this Agreement. In case of ambiguous interpretation of the terms elsewhere in this Agreement, it is necessary to be guided by the interpretation of the terms established in the law enforcement practice of judicial authorities of the United Kingdom (UK).

      Tax Sketches or Platform
      system for preliminary modeling of international tax planning structures. Link to the system -

      is a graphically expressed structure, which, given its substance (specific legal and other necessary information). Link to the boards:


      Operator or Company
      Tax Sketches Ltd., Company № 11658701, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU.

      Partner or You
      specialist in the field of law and/or taxation, whose Partner's profile is verified by the operator of platform.

      publicly available information of any type and format posted on, relating to:

      • legal, tax, corporate aspects of the business;
      • containing the terms of participation in the Tax Sketches program, disclosing the personal data protection policy, descriptions and examples of the creation of operating companies and holdings, visualization maps, links and other important details;
      • links to the Partner's Website, information about the Partner to the extent determined by the Partner.

      persons who have completed a registration on the platform to access the platform resources.

      Platform Resources
      websites, and other sites owned by the company, or their data and IT infrastructure.

      Partner's Site
      Internet resources of the Partner, which contains information in the volume established by the Partner himself/herself.

      Indexing of Data
      is the process of identification, processing and creation of an index of the data by its content, carried out with the help of automated software that provides input, accounting and storage of data in Tax Sketches company databases in order to systematize the data and organize a search of the data for users.

      Indexing may also include automated processing, systematization and aggregation of the data by subject matter, keywords and/or any other parameters at the discretion of the platform operator, including by using them with Tax Sketches' own data and data received from other Partners.

      Tax Sketches Company databases
      are an aggregate of all the data provided in an objective form about the Tax Sketches company Resources in relation to which the data is indexed, as well as the Tax Sketches's own data and data obtained by the company from other sources, systematized so that this Data can be found and processed by a computer.

      Data export
      the transfer of data (information) by the Partner to the company means sending such information as soon as possible by any means, such as e-mail, postal correspondence, as well as filling out various forms, blanks and the likes on the company website (including in the Partner's personal account). The methods applicable for the data export may be updated with time, with the platform notifying the Partner of impending changes and their implementation.