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Personal data policy
By using the Tax Sketches Platform (the "Platform"), you acknowledge that you are aware of the collection of cookies along with the purposes and methods of receiving and processing personal data. You consent to the processing of personal data and their provision to third parties (in cases where this is required for the operation of the Platform or is expressly provided for by this Policy).

The provision of data is a prerequisite for the start of our cooperation and / or the start of your use of the Platform.

Provided data - last name, first name, work / corporate email, information about your professional experience.

The Platform is operated by Tax Sketches Ltd., a limited liability company with registered office at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N17GU, UK.

The Purposes of processing your personal data:

  1. Verification of you as a Sketches Platform Partner;

  2. Providing you with access to use the Platform;

  3. Sending you notifications related to the operation of the Platform and the relationship between you and the Platform Operator.

The transfer of personal data to third parties, in addition to cases directly provided for by law, are carried out inside the Platform for the proper functioning of the Platform - your data is seen by other registered partners and users of the Platform in order to be able to contact you for advice, and to the extent necessary for this.

You can send requests to terminate the processing of personal data, make changes to personal data and other questions about your personal data to this email: