Tax Sketches Ltd.

Reg. No. 11658701,

20-22 Wenlock Road,

London, N1 7GU

Contributor terms Tax Sketches
Version 12.11.2020

(* this version will be valid for the period of initial filling of the Platform with information)

Tax Sketches or Platform - a platform for modeling international tax planning with the condition that the created models are confirmed by consultants who are qualified to provide the relevant services.

The operator of the platform or us - Tax Sketches Ltd.

Company No. 11658701

20-22, Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU

Partner or You - a tax specialist whose Partner profile is verified by the platform operator.

The platform operator provides Partners with the use of the Platform under the following conditions:


  1. We ask You to use your work / corporate email address for verification.

  2. In order for us to verify You as a Platform Partner, fill out all the fields in the registration form.

  3. We make an effort to complete verification within two (2) working days.

  4. Verification is not unconditional, and we reserve the right to reject Your application for registration as a Partner.

Reaching agreements

  1. After successful verification, we contact You and negotiate the terms of the partnership:

  • type and amount of information that You will provide for placement within Tax Sketches;

  • remuneration (virtual funds) for the preparation of this information, which will be used within the Platform;

  • types of client notification and targeting that you want to implement in Tax Sketches, reflection of information about You/ Your company within Tax Sketches.


  1. The information provided is not subject to recall. Information is considered to be sold for virtual funds (Remuneration) that can be used to pay for the Platform's services.

  2. We reserve the right to publish or not publish information. Published information may be deleted at our discretion. Refusal to publish or delete information that does not have a rational reason does not result in the loss of the Partner's Benefits, while a rational refusal or deletion does.

  3. You can at any time request to delete information about You / Your company from Tax Sketches and / or ask to hide the authorship of the information.

Partner Benefits

  1. A verified Partner whose Information is approved for placement on the Platform receives the following benefits:

  • free access to the basic version of Tax Sketches for five (5) years;

  • virtual Rewards that can be used inside the Platform for three (3) years. Remuneration is not subject to withdrawal from the Platform.

If you have any questions or complaints about the service, please contact us using the contact information below:

We look forward to cooperating with You.